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In construction we are at home

We bring your ideas to life, let’s create together!

Harmony | Consistency | Lightness | Feasibility | Environmental awareness



Family houses, condominiums, offices, warehouses, full technical consultancy – from design to handover. Planned, traceable processes.


Construction - Renovation!

Technical consultancy during execution phase.

Technical consultancy

Expert advice before making big decisions. Go for secureness!

Construction – Engineering services


Construction project management

Preparation, project launch, follow-up, handover


Construction technical inspection

Project management, quality and financial monitoring.


Responsible technical leadership

Construction site management


Technical consultancy

Personalized consultation: what can be done and how?

Connection to creation

if I had to choose a sign, it would be the sentence above – which is the basis of everything

Designer's connection to the customer's needs

Customer connection to the completed plans

Exterior and interior space connection

Connection between East and West

Connection between forms and materials

Connection between nature and building

Our main pillars

According to customer needs we provide efficient, high-quality and fast solutions in any field of construction.

compliance with laws and regulations

monitoring of technological processes

correct attitude

When we think & plan together

You always know what to expect

We convey a transparent picture in both processes and numbers.


We inform you before any decision points

And we outline the impact of each decision.You may already know from experience how much it all depends on a small decision.

We spare you the hardship of construction site management

We will perform the administrative tasks, material and master hunting, and keep legal compliance in mind.

How do we work together?


#1 - idea

Plan, imagine, get inspired.


#2 - planing

You put your ideas on paper.


#3 - constuction

Complex traceable implementation.


#4 - handover

Get your keys to your new home or office!


professional vocation


complete solutions


precision and reliability


communication and liaison

professional experience: domestic and foreign


My name is Eideh Ramzi founder of Ramsess, which was preceded by many years of experience in foreign and domestic construction.

Technical consultancy is my main profile.

The partners of Ramsess are professionals who have been practicing their profession for decades, constantly evolving, aware of the legal framework, and are both committed to technological innovation and environmental protection.

In my work, I pay special attention to communication, precision and reliability, together with my cooperating partners.

Ramsess Style

“Your path to Creation”

by Ramzi

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